Rokitansky- Book review

Today, finally,the book  Rokitansky  is available to buy. ( You can Buy it here)

I have looked forward to read this book since the day I heard about it.

A book about MRKH, novel book, the first of its kind.

I was lucky enough to get the book as a gift from Alice, so therefore I got it a week before the official release date, and thus had read it before it went on sale.
And thank you so much for the gift Alice , it meant a lot to me.


After reading the first chapter a month ago, I had high hopes for the book. And after the interview with Alice I was left with a really good feeling and that the book was going to be good.

Yet it took my breath away. It was so much better than I could ever have imagined.

«He bought me a pregnancy test on the way home from work one night and put it on the dining room table after dinner,like he had bought me a box of chocolates or something»

Of course I was concerned about how MRKH was portrayed ​​and whether it was true to MRKH and our feelings, I was so happy and excited about how the book was written. The book was more true to MRKH than I dared hoped for considering that it was written by one who does not have the syndrome herself. I am absolutely stunned that she still has managed to capture all these feelings, thoughts and experiences most of us go through. It’s almost so I do not have words to describe how good this book is.

The story is about three women at various stages in life that struggles with the childlessness.. I could clearly recognize all the emotions related to MRKH in all three, I saw my MRKH sisters when I read the book.  I could relate so much to the characters. Still if I did not have MRKH, I would be just as taken by the book.

«Moira staired into his eyes and tried to take inn everything he had said.She tried to believe the words had shared with her. She tried to accept that this wasn’t her fault, but she couldn’t.

«Rokitansky» touched my heart, it brought back memories I had long forgotten, I was 100% in the book when reading it. It took me places I have not been in a long time, and it gave me an emotional journey from start to finish.

Is the book so related to MRKH so much that it’s not  interesting  for others to read?

A big NO! You absolutely do not have to have MRKH to love this book or have any relation to the syndrome at all. The book is worth a read if you truly like a GOOD book.

The book has some twists and turns that I did not see coming, and that made this whole journey through the book  an overwhelming experience.

It is powerful, touching, heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

Handkerchief should be clear in advance.

One of the many feelings from the book that hit me deeply, that I could relate a lot to was this:

«She had never felt quite good enough, not quite up to scratch; as though her imperfections on the inside could somehow be seen on her face.»

The book can be purchased HERE


Me and Kristen Peterson has also started a closed Rokitansky Book group on Facebook for those that want to talk about the book after reading it. Please send a message on facebook to Kristen Peterson or Lise Gimre to join the group. ( The group is closed as not to spoil anything for those who has not read it yet)

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