Dearest Baby Vincent

I’m sitting here looking at this picture of you baby Vincent, you look absolutely perfect and beautiful, a little miracle, born via a transplanted uterus and your mom who is born with MRKH. She is 36 years old, same age as me.

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I’m so happy, very happy for your mum and dad Vincent, and im happy for all the other girls in this world who has been a victim by the broken dream of being a mum, because they are born without uterus. Because now their dream is no longer only a dream, it’s something that can be possible, and new and buried hopes are restored.

We know that there are alternatives like adoption and surrogacy. We have been hearing for years.

Yet there are many who mourn the fact that they will never be able to have children naturally. They will never know the feeling of a life growing inside, or experience the first moment when the baby enters the world, and miss out on the bond that immediately arises when a baby is put on its mum’s chest. Not being able to choose for themselves when to have children, plan and rejoice in the 9 months it takes to have a baby the normal way.  All of those special moments a pregnant woman will have to go through we are missing out on.

As a mother would do everything in the world for their children, there are many women who would do everything in the world to have one.

Although I am overwhelmed with joy at the news and what it potentially will mean for those who are still young and infertile, I also feel a sting.

A sting in my chest and stomach as happysad tears streams down my face. Of course I would love to have the opportunity to have my child grow inside me. Anxiously waiting for the baby to arrive , watch my stomach grow week to week, feel the first kick inside me, struggle to bend for my shoe lazes , clothes that are too small, back aching, thoughts on how the birth will be, pack maternity bag, waddling around like a goose and wait in anticipation. Experiencing the moment in which the child comes into the world and sees his mother and father for the first time. Being able to feel my newborn little bundle lying on my stomach and the intense infatuation and love that occurs immediately between me and my baby. I would love to have had all of that…

I would love to have had this hope and this news when I was still young enough to dream about it as a possibility. I would really like to have a uterus.

I wish I did not have to take from my boyfriend the opportunity to have his own children and experience such a miracle. For as long as he stays with me, it also means to opt out perhaps the most beautiful thing we can experience in life. It’s a big sacrifice and one cannot help but feel loved when he still chooses to be with me. When making that choice, he loses the opportunity to experience all of that.

Some of the most emotional thing we can experience good and bad in life is possibly when someone is born and when someone leaves the world. There must at least be high up on the list.

My thoughts are also with your mom Vincent, who has been given this gift to be your mother. What joy and happiness she must feel right now. Born without a womb, with no hope of ever give birth to her own child, and now against all odds, she has done just that. Greater bliss than that I do not think you can find! It must feel very surreal for her and im sure she feels  like the happiest and luckiest mum. And I begrudge her that with all my heart!

I have carried on a great sadness as I thought I would never be a mom. Now the impossible has come true, says the new mother of the boy named Vincent.- Once I felt this perfect baby boy on my chest, tears of joy streamed down my face and I felt an immense relief says Vincent’s mom

Tonight I have to let a few tears fall, in joy and in sorrow over this great big news.

Although I have known for two months already that this babies where more than likely to be okay, it felt totally different when it was finally officially that everything had gone well with mother and baby. And a healthy baby was born. Now it is a reality and the entire world knows about it.

And the most powerful and touching thing has been to witness the hope that has been lit in young girls with MRKH worldwide over the past 24 hours.

Sorrows are turned into happiness, hope and dreams, it’s so beautiful and touching to see the joy that has occurred.

Dear Little Vincent, you are a miracle and a symbol of hope, dreams and possibilities. A symbol telling us nothing is impossible as long as you never give up. You are loved worldwide by thousands of women who have followed you from before you were growing inside your mum. You are the reason girls see light in the dark. You are loved more than you can understand now but I’m sure you can feel it with every fiber in your small body. And one day you will understand what a great symbol and miracle you are and how much loved and long awaited you were for your parents.

And the great medical team behind it all, Mats Brannstrøm  that started the whole project is a wonderful man. His eyes shine of kindness and passion for his job. Liza Johannesson that I have had the pleasure to meet,  a wonderful warm, loving, understanding, skilled, knowledgeable and thoughtful woman.

Liza Johannesson - Poland MRKH Meeting (congress)

Liza Johannesson – Poland MRKH Meeting (congress)


Think of all the prejudices they have had to stand against, with all the world’s eyes on them, they managed to do what no one has managed to do before them. Bringing to the world a healthy perfect baby boy and his mum was born without uterus. It is almost beyond belief. They are admired and respected by thousands of women and men worldwide for their work and courage shown in this process and for what they have achieved. And the fact that they never gave up and with that gave hope to thousands of woman that dreams about carrying their child with their own body.

I am so happy for all the young and future generations of MRKH girls who can now, when they get diagnosed and dreams are shattered , receive a new hope and a new dream of being a mum..

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