Raising awareness for MRKH

Charlie and Jen are aiming to raise awareness of MRKH and funds for MRKH Connect (www.mrkhconnect.org) by taking part in a 100km challenge walking from London to Brighton, UK on 28th/29th May 2016.  This should take around 30 hours without sleep and Jen and Charlie are currently training for the challenge of their lives! As part of this they are writing a blog documenting the walk as well as their stories and thoughts on life with MRKH covering a range of topics and personal experiences.    To track their progress on their blog, or if you would like to donate to their cause, please go to:
https://bestfootforward2016.wordpress.com   or  https://www.justgiving.com/bestfootforward2016/

Charlie was also part of this video 🙂

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