A MRKH Poem by Lynda Ritchie

Thank you Linda for letting us share this beautiful poem you have written !!

Silent tears dropped down her face,
A once happy 16 year old,
Who now feels out of place.
All her future plans just washed down the drain,
She thinks she’s alone with this syndrome,
She thinks she’s alone with this pain.
She thinks that no man will want her that no one will care,
She feels ashamed about her body,
For his children she can’t bear.
She puts a pillow up her top and smiles as if it’s real,
That there’s a baby growing inside her,
But the truth she can’t conceal.
Her friends seem happy about how their lives will be,
But she sees darkness and sorrow,
And asks why is it me?
A broken woman with a missing part,
She will never feel a baby kick,
Or feel a tiny beating heart.
But she picks herself up and puts on a smile,
For she’s grown to love who she is,
Even if it took a while.
She has met the man that she will marry,
She’s happy and content,
Her baby another woman will carry.
If you ever feel alone and that you just can’t cope,
Remember you have sisters here for you,
Don’t give up on hope.
If anything is ever getting to you,
Reach out to your sisters,
Chances are we’ve felt it too. Xxxx

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