Misty, MRKH and orphan and a poem

The poem presented at the end is written by Misty and some of you may already have read the poem on the closed FB group.

Here is Misty’s story and why she wrote the poem – its a strong and touching story. Thank you Misty for wanting to share your story on MRKH Norge ! You are a brave and strong lady!

My name is Misty….(no last name, so God gets the glory from my testimony)… I am an orphan from a family of 9 and also a twin. I lost them all when I was in 4th grade. I am a survivor of sexual, physical and mental abuse by my parents….I made my peace with my Dad before he passed and got him to accept Jesus as his personal savior 72 hours before he died. My Mother committed suicide before I could find her.  I was a ward of the state but never adopted, and I have had 2x more schools then there are grades.

I found out that I have MRKH when I was 17 and the doctor didn’t know what to call it. It wasn’t hard for me at that juncture as I was too busy paying my own rent at 16, going to school, getting a trades degree and working 30 hrs a week. It didn’t hit me until my late 20”s….an orphan and no children…I have still yet to meet another…

In addition to my MRKH I have had 13 joint related surgeries and lots of spinal abnormalities…however, it does not define me. My last 2 surgeries were in Bangalore India to which they rebuilt my cervical spine and lumbar spine. This too has never defined me…I have had to change vocations because of limitations, but I refuse to let the “devil” win. I am currently getting my 3rd degree in a 3 yr degree as a Certified Medical Assistant.

So, to wrap it up…I am an orphan without one blood relative, survivor of abuse, an no real roots to speak of…then on top of it I can’t have children because MRKH. When I saw how many were out there with hurting hearts, I had to put the last 25 years of my life down in a poem for all of my warrior sisters in hopes that they wouldn’t feel so alone and to see that if I can do it with all of this…then they can too.

Here is her poem :

Dear MRKH Sisters absent a womb, felling you’ve lost your purpose… and much way too soon.

The cross you must bear with silence and shame…Weights hard on your shoulders with heavy deep pain.

Somehow deeply rooted in your DNA, maybe some base pair didn’t quite find its way??

Starting from nothing with nowhere to go, what’s your legacy…. and how will you show.

You look to your left….and there you see, a womb filled for purpose…a limb on a tree.

Heavy to your right…..and there they will go….a family of plenty… a generation to grow.

You’ll fake ministration just to fit in…contemplating who’ll love you from species of men.

Too many times and often you’ll hear, advice meant for helping…..but piercing your ear.

…”How lucky you are and happy to be, not dealing with diapers or full family….”

You’ll be all free to come to and then fro, not dealing with bottle…nor buckle…nor bow…

Surrounded by mammalian on hoof and or paw….semi quenching your burning of not mothering at all…

You’ll place a full pillow under garment to see, what I would look like with child about month of three…

“Will I ever feel better and what could it be, my purpose oh God, you created for me?”

My tears fall like water over the rocks of my fall, surely never subsiding….and a hard heart??

 Not my CALL!

Listen my child… Earths a small part….. It takes wise strong children to speak on my part.

Created much stronger, and soon you will see, along with your sisters…a strong fight you won’t flee.

I call you all Mothers… Of Orphans you’ll care. You’ll dry many tears and mend many cares.

You’ll tend to my widows… the homeless …and tart, I’ll give you my words and you’ll speak on my part.

See, I have equipped you for plenty and soon you will see…

MRKH suits you perfect ……for Mothering for me


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