Rokitansky – New book out in October

Author Alice Darwin has written a novel about MRKH and the book is coming this October !

‘She had known deep down for as long as she could remember that something was wrong. What she didn’t know, was what happened next.’


‘Dark and deeply moving, a beautiful debut’ Charlotte Essex


Rokitansky is the story of three women at different stages of their lives, Moira, Tori and Mrs Brown. The interlocking stories begin with Moira Sweeney, a fifteen year old girl who is diagnosed with a rare condition. Through her struggle to come to terms with the news, she realises she must find a voice and create her own identity. Next we meet Tori, in her early thirties and desperate for the child she longs for, she is willing to sacrifice everything to have a child of her own. Lastly there is Mrs Brown who runs a residential care home for the elderly. Her work has taken over her life, arthritis is causing her crippling pain and old age is closing in. She longs to return home and be reunited with her husband. Rokitansky is a deeply moving story of childlessness, love and hope. As the characters search for answers, an emotional portrait of three women is revealed, separated by decades, but connected in a surprising way.

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Book trailer goes online next month & a free copy of the novel up for grabs!


Dark and deeply moving, a beautiful debut             A beautiful story, charmingly told, you’ll love it

Charlotte Essex                                                                                Author, Daniel Grant

Heart Breaking yet uplifting                     Gave me goosebumps

Alex Vanotti                                                      Jennifer Jack

                           Captivating, made me laugh, made me cry

                                        Anna MacDonald

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