Shameless Life Radio – Terilee and Kristen talk about MRKH

Two radio shows, two countries, one week !

It makes me so happy to see our brave sisters talk about MRKH publicly. We could hear Tara L earlier this week on BBC Newcastle Radio and today we had Kristen P on the Shameless Radio !
And i’m so happy to see that MRKH is getting its word out there so no future MRKH sister will ever feel alone with this syndrome.

This is a 28 min long radio interview / talk with Radio Host Terilee who is also born with MRKH, and Kristen P as most of you know from appearing on The Doctors.

Listen to the Radio interview here
Read Kristen P Blog here
Follow Terilee Harrison on twitter
Terilee H webpage The Shameless life
Follow Kristen Peterson on Twitter
Watch Kristen P on The Doctors
Tara L on BBC Newcastle 

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