Born to be different – A poem by Tara

Born to be different – by tara Hockaday

When I was born I was made incomplete
Meaning when I grow up I won’t conceive
Growing up was hard and every hurdle seemed so steep
Listening to other girls talking in the school yard

Feeling like a freak I’d cry myself to sleep
Over the years drs told me I was a one off
And very unique
Feeling alone and ashamed having one kidney and being called names

Embarrassed to talk about who I really was
I bottled it all inside and every inch of me died
Mum would say I was special and perfect regardless
But I just wanted to run away and hide

Knowing I’d never be a mum caused me so much pain
Dying inside with very little pride
As I’ve grown iv accepted who I was
Thanks to the friends who are by my side
I now know I’m not a complex case
I am 1 in 5000 #MRKH

Feeling proud I am no longer alone
My sisters and I can stand tall
We are not freaks infact unique
we are a second family
And we are stronger than we think

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